I had a New Way to Go on With the Lord


A few days later I went back to talk to him. The brother spoke to me about a lot of things and explained a lot about the Bible to me. He invited me to a Sunday meeting in a small school hall. I was not overly impressed with the meeting but I was very attracted to the ministry they had. I began to go around to the brother's house at least once a week and I also began to read a lot of the ministry.

About three months after coming to the church I went to my first Summer School of Truth. I did not really know what to expect, but I went along and had a really good time. At the end of the week everyone stood up to testify what they enjoyed from the week. I said that I really enjoyed the atmosphere at the training centre. That is, I really enjoyed being in the company of other believers full time for a week. I that stage I decided I would come to the Full-Time Training when I had finished university.

I continued to have a normal church life for the last two years at high school. At this stage of my Christian life I felt that I had a new way to go on with the Lord and a new purpose to work for. I fulfilled my personal goal in coming to university. After fulfilling this goal I was not clear about my goal for the future. I stayed in a university hostel in my first year, where I meet many new friends. These friends were not Christians and were pretty involved in the world. I did not have a strong attraction to the world but I enjoyed spending time with my friends. This friendship grew stronger and stronger, until it was the most important thing in my life. I had gained every thing I ever desired through my friends.

I still had a personal relationship with the Lord at university but it was not as strong as at high school. I would sometimes attend the meetings, but I did not have much of a corporate Christian life. I felt the Lord giving me so much during this time and my life kept getting better and better. I believe the Lord gave me all of these things on the agreement that I would leave it all when I finished my degree and come to the full-time training.

Before I came to the training I thought I that I could give up all that I had gained from the world, but when I did finally come, it was harder than I thought. The first week was the worst. I could not sleep, and every time I was not actively doing something I felt I had lost everything by coming to the full-time training. I was reminded of my prayer to the Lord when I was very small, that He could give me anything and on request I could give it back to Him. JM